I invite you to join me in a safe and warm space, where you will be welcomed with respect. Together we will create a treatment plan that is unique to your challenges, strengths, and lifestyle. I take a humanistic approach, as I look at each individual holistically, with respect for where you come from and appreciation that you are trying your best. Our collaboration will thrive in an open environment that allows our therapeutic relationship to flourish.

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How to Handle Wedding-Planning Disputes With Parents

Insecurity, said Dr. Tamar Blank, a psychologist in the Bronx, is largely to blame. “Parents may feel insecure or vulnerable due to the fact that they are ‘losing’ their child,” she said. “They may want to feel more appreciation. Or they may have insecurities of their own that are impacting the way in which they treat their children.”

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PSA: The Person Who Gave Birth Decides Who Meets the Baby First, Not You

Tamar Blank, Psy.D., a New York-based psychologist specializing in family relationships, understands the well-meaning impulse driving these would-be visitors. "The birth of a new child can be so exciting that others think about what this new life means for them—to be a new grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, or godparent," she says. But she cautions, we must remember


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