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Are Actual Love Letters Better Than ‘Love Texts’?

“People are more willing to share of themselves when they’re writing by hand,” said Dr. Tamar Blank, a clinical psychologist who meets with couples in Riverdale, N.Y. “We expect our phones to light up with messages that share simple things to get us through the day. But you’re more thoughtful about what you put in a letter when you know it will take days to arrive.”

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At Educational Alliance Preschool, Michelle Sarna Focuses on Community Building

Recently we caught up with Michelle Sarna, the new head of the Educational Alliance Preschool, to see how things are going after her first few months working on the Lower East Side. “We’re introducing a lot of ideas very quickly, she said,” because I really feel families are thirsting for something that brings them together.”

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PSA: The Person Who Gave Birth Decides Who Meets the Baby First, Not You

Tamar Blank, Psy.D., a New York-based psychologist specializing in family relationships, understands the well-meaning impulse driving these would-be visitors. "The birth of a new child can be so exciting that others think about what this new life means for them—to be a new grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, or godparent," 

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Are Parenting Classes Worth It or a Waste of Time (& Money)?

 I had to learn all of these things by doing. Still, I felt more confident going into these new experiences knowing I had a foundation of knowledge — which, Dr. Tamar Blank tells SheKnows, is ultimately the goal of pregnancy and parenting classes. Dr. Blank is a licensed psychologist who runs a series of parenting classes in New York.

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Experts Reveal Why Hallmark Christmas Movies Make Us So Happy

"Hallmark movies provides an escape from 'real life' and allow the individual to tap into their fantasies, which people often do not get the opportunity to do in daily life," adds Dr. Tamar Blank, a licensed psychologist. "They provide a sense that 'everything happens for a reason' and therefore elicit feelings of hopefulness."

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The 30 Hardest Things About Becoming an Empty Nester

Self-esteem is the result of our perception of genuine success. As parents put so much time and energy into their children, they often define themselves by their children’s successes,” explains licensed psychologist Dr. Tamar Blank, Psy.D. “When children grow and leave the home, it can be challenging for a parent to redefine how they view their own success and consequently view themselves.”


How to Be More Outgoing, According to 18 Experts

When you give others the chance to speak about themselves, you will leave them with a positive feeling about the experience of speaking with you. This positivity will influence the way in which they speak and behave with you, creating a positive cycle that will encourage you to speak with others more often.


6 Habits That Could Help You Get Wealthy, According to Psychologists

Which is why psychologist Tamar Blank says that, before making any purchase, you should get in the habit of asking yourself if it aligns with your long-term goals. “Every dollar spent should be an investment in yourself. One must make a conscious decision to prioritize long-term goals over instant gratification,” says Blank. She calls this conscientiousness a “core characteristic” of people who build wealth.

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Sometimes Branding Is an Art in More Ways Than One

Dr. Tamar Blank, Psy.D, in Riverdale, New York, points out that when kids are experiencing powerful emotions, this kind of art “reminds their minds to think of the outside world, to fall into a space of imagination, and engage in the defense mechanism of distraction momentarily.”


How Do You Manage Anxiety? 7 Things No One Ever Told You

For example, "getting fresh air can help manage anxiety in many ways," licensed psychologist Dr. Tamar Blank, tells Bustle. "Walking or engaging in physical activity outside allows [for] the positive experience of endorphins. It also can allow our minds to take a break and think of the big picture, and help us refocus on the positive."


14 Best Co-Parenting Tips For Exes Raising Children In 2020

As Dr. Tamar Blank, PsyD, director of Riverdale Psychology, a private practice in Riverdale, New York, puts it: "Co-parenting can be tricky when we are not living through a pandemic, but as it goes, stressors often elevate our levels of stress and reduce the resources we have to take care of everything else."


How to Handle Wedding-Planning Disputes With Parents

Insecurity, said Dr. Tamar Blank, a psychologist in the Bronx, is largely to blame. “Parents may feel insecure or vulnerable due to the fact that they are ‘losing’ their child,” she said. “They may want to feel more appreciation. 


I’m raising my Orthodox kids in the heart of New York City. The inequality we see every day should propel us to fight for others.

May we be inspired to stay awake. We cannot abdicate the responsibility to look at our own actions and how we can promote equality, justice and equal opportunity for all.

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Childhood trauma is linked to severe health consequences later in life

“The way that we view the world as adults is formed through the experiences that we have as children. We learn to understand the world through that which we see and learn from the world around us,” Tamar Blank, Psy.D, a Licensed Psychologist and founder of Riverdale Psychology tells Considerable.

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What are the traits of a narcissist? What is narcissistic behavior?

These self-centered individuals also lack empathy for others. Their only concern is themselves. “An individual with narcissistic personality disorder, or NPD, experiences the world as it relates to himself while lacking empathy for others. Such an individual may see the world as a movie with themselves as the main character, and all others as extras in the movie,” says Dr. Tamar Blank, Licensed Psychologist.


Experts Say To Avoid Making These 11 Assumptions In Your Relationship

The last thing you want to do is assume that your partner knows what your thinking, or that you know what they're thinking, as this will only lead to disappointment and frustration due to unmet expectations, Dr. Tamar Blank, a licensed psychologist, tells Bustle.


Will My Relationship Last? 7 Early Signs Your Partner May Stick Around, According To Experts

Someone who wants something long-term with you will have no trouble being vulnerable with you. "Due to the adaptive nature to protect ourselves from harm, people don't often share of themselves in a way that would cause discomfort or embarrassment unless they believed the outcomes, in this case the connection, would be worthwhile," Dr. Tamar Blank, licensed psychologist, tells Bustle. 


When it comes to monitoring kids, how much is too much — and what's the harm?

Tamar Blank, a psychologist in Riverdale, New York, keeps in mind the goal of good parenting: To raise children to be independent, capable and confident adults. She said research makes clear that goal can only be reached if children have real opportunities to explore and learn on their own.


Stein Professional Development Focuses on Students’ Social-Emotional Well-Being

Dr. Blank is an expert in cognitive behavioral therapy and has extensive experience using cognitive behavioral interventions while working with children, adolescents and families with a wide range of diagnoses in individual, family, couple and group therapy.


Children Have Their Own Strengths and Weaknesses Too

All children have strengths and weaknesses - and this is part of what makes us human. It is important to embrace a child's strengths and help them navigate ways in which they can flourish using these innate talents. 


Children’s Mental Health: 22 tips from experts in education and science

Offer children a safe space. A parent or other caregiver can offer the child five minutes of child-directed play each day – during this time the adult should not command, criticize, or question the child.

Rather, the adult should only follow the child’s lead and allow the child to pick the activity and offer specific and labeled praise.


Can a Codependent Relationship Be Saved? With 50+ Tips (According to Experts)

Finally, be open to couples or individual counseling, as issues related to codependence are often rooted in childhood trauma. Tamar Blank, Psy.D. Tamar Blank Licensed Psychologist | Founder and Director, Riverdale Psychology If both members are comfortable and satiated with the balance and dynamic A codependent relationship can work if both individuals’ needs are being met.

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